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Why you require a good credit card

In the modern world, the society has become very independent on using credit buy things and make decisions.   There are many ways of using credit cards in the modern world apart from seeking a loan.  Many businesses now require their customers to have good credit cards so that they can offer them more services or products.

The place you live and the amount of money you pay where you live can be determined by your credit card.  Prior to buying a house, a lender wants to find out whether you can pay your loan back.  If your credit is not impressive, the lender wills that t is risky to give you a mortgage loan.  If the lender accepts to give you some loan; your credit card will also determine the money the mortgage you pay monthly.  A the credit card that shows poor performance of the loan applicant will make them pay a higher monthly mortgage payment.   You could even lose the chance of getting a mortgage loan due to your poor credit ans you simply couch surfen.

Some landlords also use the credit to determine whether to rent to you.   These landlords consider the lease as a loan.   The landlords loans you somewhere to live and they want to find out if you were in a position to pay your loan.   If you have bad credit, you might lack a chance to rent an apartment.

The car you will be can be determined by your credit card.  Unless you have all the money in cash, you will have to get a loan to buy a car.   The performance of your credit card will influence the amount of loan that you will be given and the interest rate of the loan.  Generally, a loan applicant with a good credit card is likely to click here klik hier obtain a higher loan.

Bad credits will limit your chances to get a higher amount of loan.   Only few lenders can accept to give you a loan if your credit card shows poor performance, and if they do, they will charge you a higher interest rate.

Credits can be a determinant of whether you can qualify for a job.  In some cases, employers ask the job applicants for their credit cards  to determine whether they can get the job.  A job applicant may miss an opportunity to get employed if their credits show that they have not demonstrated financial responsibility.  The an employer might think that the job applicant has too many debts and therefore can not fit in the job being offered.

Besides, credit can determine your ability to start a business. Most businesses require a large capital to start, and you may not have all the money in cash, and therefore you are required to borrow some money in the form of a loan.  To be credit for a business loan, you require having good credit card.

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